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4.6.2020 Upcoming - Second Cup of Coffee Series: Wills and Probate

When I had the privilege to learn from Judge Goree at the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals during my first summer of law school, he poured into us interns by, among other things, teaching the ins and outs of appellate practice. We affectionately referred to those fantastic learning sessions in the courtroom as the "Second Cup of Coffee Series."

He said that his goal for us what to instill in us the importance of having a balance of both confidence and humility. He gave so much to us.

So, to give back myself, I've decided to try my own Second Cup of Coffee Series where I answer questions that are being frequently asked as a means to help provide some general guidance for the public. If this is something helpful to you, I'll continue the series. If not, I'll cheers to you my third cup of coffee and leave it be and continue serving as I have been.

Currently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, I'm naturally being asked a lot of questions about wills. While I'm happy to answer general questions about wills (and will likely provide simple will drafting at discounted rates), I am NOT an estate planning attorney. That simply isn't my practice and, truth be told, I don't want it to be. That said, maybe this first "chat" can provide you some guidance to learn what you do need.

More details will follow, but feel free to drop a comment or leave a direct message with your specific question(s) and I'll see if I can address it or point you to someone who can.

We must band together during this and, hopefully, I can help put some of you at ease.


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