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Civil Litigation and Small Business Attorney

Jessica's practice focusses primarily on civil litigation and small business matters.  Her representation includes, among other things, both bringing and defending claims regarding torts, breach of contract, fraud, and more.


More often than not, people wait to contact an attorney until the problem is bigger than they thought it would be and more expensive than they can easily afford.  It is advantageous to talk with an attorney early and often to prevent expensive mishaps. You can request a consultation by clicking below.

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Practice Areas

Small Businesses




Litigation (see below)



Civil Litigation


Prenuptial Agreements

Commercial Litigation

Contract Disputes

Partnership Terminations

Civil Litigation Defense

Pro Bono / Discounted

Domestic Violence

Protective Orders


To meet the needs of my different clients, I currently offer three payment models dependent on case type, complexity, and other considerations: 1) hourly rates; 2) flat fees; and 3) subscription services for small businesses.  Contact me for more information and to schedule a consultation.


Jessica Brown, Esq.

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